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Marketing With Facebook

We've spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on Facebook. In the processes we've learned plenty about the ads platform. In this article we want to cover some key points and fequently asked questions about Facebook marketing.

Remember that things can change over time, these are suggestions, not rules. Above all, you should always be testing new ideas.

Where should you send your traffic?

Facebook will not permit direct affiliate marketing. They also won't let you send traffic straight to our landing pages. If you try this, you will eventually get banned.

We highly reccomend that with Facebook traffic you use your own landing page, quiz page, or website. A normal pathway for traffic buyers on Facebook should look like this.

Normal marketing pathway for Beirresistible Facebook offers

You want the traffic to go to your own site to prevent your account from being banned. Facebook doesn't like affiliate marketing, especially relationship affiliate marketing. Using your own page will give you a better chance of maintaining long term traffic.

Here are some other things you can do to prevent your account from getting banned.

  • Provide lots of valuable content. Hit a few different topics women would enjoy, not just relationships.
  • Manage the comments on your Facebook ads, especially the negative ones.
  • Run ads that attract positive comments.
If you are going to use Facebook it’s important that your site offers genuine content. We have high quality articles and low quality articles available for your use. You may also try using something like ChatGPT to write you some fresh content.

Getting Facebook traffic buying started requires more setup, the barrier to entry is a little higher, but once things are working, it makes for a huge payoff.

Should you try to capture the email lead?

Some affiliates try to capture the email before sending the lead to our sales presentation.

Their pathway to the conversion might look like this.

Normal marketing pathway for Beirresistible Facebook offers

This is nice because the affiliate gets the email lead, but it can reduce conversions. Your margins are going to be narrow because this step can cut into sales.

If you want to make this work, you’ll need an optimized backend. You’ll want powerful emails to send to these customers. Here are some powerful Beirresistible Email Swipes

You’ll also want a powerful opt-in page with a high conversion rate. If you’re trying to get people to sign up to your mailing list, you may want to offer them something of value first.

Beirresistible has an awesome PDF bonus generator you can use as a bonus for signing up.

Which Ad Locations Should You Target?

When creating your ads, you need to specify where you want your ads to appear. There are quite a number of places where you can place your ads – in people’s news feed, the right column, in the audience network, in instant articles, and Instagram.

We recommend beginning in the main news feed. It has been most profitable for us in the past.

From there you will want to test placements, targeting and ads.