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Create Personalized PDF Affiliate Reports

Follow the steps below to generate a personalized PDF report which includes your promotion links to His Secret Obsession.

Step 1. Download the report image files you need. These links will open in a new window.

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Step 2. Download HTML lead capture pages (optional)

You probably only need these landing pages if you plan to host the reports on your own website.

HTML lead capture page (will open in a new window)

Step 3. Pick the report you want to convert into a PDF with your Clickbank ID.

Select A Report to Generate:

Enter your Clickbank ID to include in the custom PDF report:

Step 4. Additional features. (optional)

Enter a Clickbank campaign tracking ID: (optional)

Add the message, "Free report complements of __________" (with your name or business included) (optional)

Include a message at the top of the reporting inviting readers to share your customized PDF. (optional)

Step 5. Check the CAPTCHA box and then click the submit button.