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Conversion Proof

His Secret Obsession is an extremely high converting product. It’s done well with JVs and cold traffic buyers all across the internet.

But we’re not just asking you to take our word for it. We’ve rigorously tested His Secret Obsession and the data shows.

And here’s the proof. Here are some examples of what affiliates are getting as they promote His Secret Obsession.

Affiliate Earnings

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Affiliate EPC (earnings per click)

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And how did it get so good?

Easy, we never stopped testing or optimizing this offer.

In our first test we compared two versions of His Secret Obsession with our cold traffic king, What Men Secretly Want.

As you probably know, What Men Secretly Want has stood the tests of time as one of the best relationship products on Clickbank. It has had millions of dollars in successfully converting sales. We knew it would be hard, but His Secret Obsession had to beat it.

The data below shows our first test between His Secret Obsession and What Men Secretly Want. You can see that in the first test His Secret Obsession won by 23.68% on the front end.

Proof of our conversion success

And this wasn’t some quick test. We compared 883,948 sessions. We ended with 95.1% confidence. And we ran the test for 62 days because we wanted rock-solid data!

But the backend was where the real magic took place. Compared to What Men Secretly Want we got an extra $5.35 per order with His Secret Obsession.

And remember, this is compared to a product with a fully optimized back end, one that had been tested and optimized for multiple years.

And this was just the beginning, beating What Men Secretly Want wasn’t enough.

We then decided we would have His Secret Obsession beat itself. We went back and refined everything. We prepared new versions, added more upsell options, and ran another series of tests.

Proof of our conversion success

In this test the original is now His Secret Obsession, and the experiments are now new video sales letter variations. The tests again have shown significant improvements to the conversions. These increases were also noted on the backend.

But we didn’t stop here, we wanted to test more. We got a few joint venture partners and asked them to give the offer a try. We knew that JV traffic could differ from cold traffic. The results were amazing!

"Guys, I did an early offer of this program as well and happy to say that it did over 1.59 EPC to my list as well...

Upsells were fantastic at 78% of initial sales.

Highly recommended!"

- Carlos Xuma

"I've been sending offers for women's products for over 10 years and this is the closest thing to FREE money that exists!

Women love this offer because it speaks to them in such a different way than anything else on the market. Whether you're just starting out or a seasoned pro, His Secret Obsession is the next BIG thing to hit affiliate marketing."

- Bob Grant

“Wow, HSO has been the highest converting affiliate offer that we've promoted to our women's dating/relationships lists in the last 2 years! Upsells are taken up very highly also. EPCs are over $1.50 which is phenomenal these days. Highly recommended!”

- Mark Ling

“His secret obsession is one of the highest converting females offers I've mailed to my list. I saw a very consistent 7% conversion rate including a crazy high upsell uptake of almost 60%. This has to be the very elite offers in terms of conversions that I've promoted in the recent past. If you like money, you've got to promote this.”

- Sunny Arora

So now you have the proof.

His Secret Obsession is the new conversions king! Take advantage of this cold traffic monster by starting up a campaign today. And remember, we are here to help, let us know what we can do to help launch your success.

Also, please keep in mind that the results in the images shown above are from top affiliates with years of training and experience. Your results may vary. We offter no expectation or guarantee of success.