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If you're a paid traffic buyer here's our top 7 reasons why you should consider promoting His Secret Obsession.

  1. People First

    First and foremost, we care about our customers. Our content was written by a relationship expert with years of experience in the industry. His training is based on proven principles and it works. See for yourself, read what women have said about James and his training

    Also, we take customer support very seriously and want your referrals satisfied at all costs. This means you can sleep well tonight, feeling good about what you are promoting.

  2. Converts with Paid Traffic

    Our offer converts to mass cold traffic.

    The His Secret Obsession sales presentation consistently performs for many mass traffic affiliates, because we've done extensive research on what sells to cold female traffic.

    Unlike other offers that just target JV & referral traffic in the relationship market, our offer is designed to convert to almost any kind of female traffic.

    Do yourself a favor and send some test traffic to this offer. You won't be disappointed!

  3. Super High Conversion Rates

    His Secret Obsession is the highest converting relationship product on ClickBank and Digistore 24. and it's even been listed in Clickbank's top 10 offers.

    Affiliates have earned millions of dollars promoting His Secret Obsession, and they've been doing it for years.

    And this is because we put everything into making sure our affiliates earn the highest commissions.

    We pay 90%. We retarget for you. We fight to get you your commission. Every step of the process is designed to earn you money, and if you send over some traffic, you'll see what we mean!

  4. Consistant Split Testing

    Our company has a culture of split testing. We test everything! Every step of the customer experience is regularly being evaluated and improved. This means our funnel will always be getting better for you. So you can expect great conversions today, and even greater conversions tomorrow!

  5. Mobile Friendly & Lightening Fast

    We love mobile devices. Our website was built with the mobile users in mind. You can feel comfortable sending any type of traffic; our site will work for them.

    And we have tested and optimized our website so it loads lightning fast. We cache, we compresses, and keep our files stored on CDNs worldwide.

    No matter where your visitors come from, they will get a snappy fast response.

  6. Customizable Landing Page

    Our video landing page is customizable for the traffic buyer. You can easily add a few words to the end of your link and change the visitor experience. Want to turn off the exit-pop, easy! Want to keep the video from playing on load, easy! This means you can buy traffic all over the internet.

  7. Dedicated Support

    We want you to be successful, and we'll prove it. Let us know that you want to buy paid traffic. We'll be more than happy to offer advice, suggestions, and support.

    We'll do everything we can to make sure your advertising campaign is wildly successful!

    Get In Touch - Let Us Help