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His Secret Obsession Promotion Rules

Thanks for your interest in promoting His Secret Obsession. In order to keep our customers happy and our refunds low, please review the following rules about promoting a Beirresistible course.

General Rules

No Negative Marketing: Affiliates are not permitted to use negative marketing; this includes using words like scam or fraud.

No False Representation: Affiliates are not permitted to falsely represent themselves as the creators or owners of any Beirresistible product.

No Spamming: Affiliates should never send unsolicited emails.

No False Claims: Affiliates cannot make false claims about Beirresistible products.

Clear Intentions: Affiliates shoulder be clear in their intentions.

Compensation Claims: Affiliates should include a disclaimer that they are being compensated for their promotion. Template ideas for this disclaimer are available here.

GDPR: Affiliates should be aware of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) rules and implement them as needed.

Updates: Affiliates should be aware that these rules may change in the future. Affiliates should join our mailing list and Facebook group so you can stay updated on any changes.

Traffic Buying Rules

Google & Bing Website Review Required: Affiliates must request approval prior to any Google or Bing marketing. Click here to request permission.

Keyword Targeting Rules

Restricted keywords: The following keywords are restricted and affiliates should never bid on them in any format.

Never permitted: Beirresistible, be irresistible, Blink Publishing, blinkpublishing

Limited keywords: Affiliates may bid on product titles and expert name keywords, so long as their website has been approved and they are presenting themselves as a third-party, review website.

Permitted only for review pages: his secret obsession, what men secretly want, relationship rewrite method, hero instinct, James Bauer

When using these limited keywords, affiliate must be very careful not to make false claims, use negative marketing, or engage in false representation.

No Direct Advertising to Company URLs: Affiliates may not use Google or Bing ads to market directly to any Blink Publishing websites.

No Direct Hoplink Advertising: Affiliates may not use Google or Bing ads to market directly to any affiliate hoplinks that points directly to any Blink Publishing websites.

Quality Websites Required: Affiliates websites should meet a baseline standard of quality and include a privacy policy, terms and conditions, earning disclaimer, and contact page.

Video Sales Letter Rules

Hosting Our Video Sales Letter: Affiliates may embed and host the video on their own site only after requesting permission and site review. Click here to request permission.

Edit or Watermark Video Sales Letter: Affiliates are never permitted to edit or watermark the video.

Put Video Sales Letter On Sharing Sites: Affiliates are not permitted to add the video sales letter onto video sharing sites (i.e. youtube, vimeo) in a public setting. It must be kept in a private setting.

Thank you for being our affiliate!

We love our affiliates and will do everything we can to help them, but breaking these rules hurts our customers and our brand, which is why we have to enforce these rules. On the other hand, if you work with us, we'll work with you to make both of us as much money as possible!

Please feel free to reach out with any questions, we're happy to help you!