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Pixels and Tracking for His Secret Obsession Affiliates

Yes, we do allow affiliates to add tracking into our website.

Here are some details to help you understand our pixel setup and rules.

What Types of Pixels Can I Add?

We can add common tracking pixels from sites like Pinterest, Google, Twitter, Revcontent etc... Of course, we always manually verify the pixel before adding it . We can't add any Google Tag Manager code or generic tracking pixels. We must understand the code before adding it.

We don't add Facebook pixels because Clickbank has a better solution to handle these conversions via the API.

Who Sees My Pixels On Your Site?

Our software is setup so that pixel appears only for the respective affiliates own traffic.

Example: If Affiliate A sends traffic and has a pixel with us, the pixel would only appear for Affiliate A's traffic. The pixel would never show up for any of Affiliate B’s traffic.

How Can I Get A Pixel On Your Site?

You must have at least 1 sale with us before we can add your pixel. This is because we must manually integrate it into our code.

After you’ve gotten 1 sale, please let us know and we will happily help you setup the pixel. Also, make sure to send your Affiliate ID and the pixel code you need.

What If I Haven’t Gotten Any Sales Yet?

No sweat, affiliates can still add tracking information onto the ClickBank cart.

Here is a tutorial on how to do it: Integrated Sales Reporting

Finally, affiliates can also use TIDs within ClickBank for tracking. This is an easy way to know which campaigns or ads are bringing in your sales.

Learn more about TIDs here: Using hoplinks and TIDs