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Tracking Your Sales with Pixels

We allow affiliates to add tracking into our website, however we are very selective about who can do it and what types of pixels are added.

Here are some details to help you understand our pixel setup and rules.

What Types of Pixels Can I Add?

We will only add common tracking pixels from sites like Facebook, Twitter, Revcontent etc... They pixels are always manually verified by a developer. We don't add any Google Tag Manager pixels or generic tracking code or pixels. We must understand the pixel before adding it.

Who Sees the Pixels?

Our software is setup so that pixel appears only for the respective affiliates own traffic.

Example: If Affiliate A sends traffic and has a pixel with us, the pixel will only appear for his traffic. The pixel would never show up for any of Affiliate B’s traffic.

We also cannot guarantee the setup or reliability of the pixel. It is your job to check and test it. We can give you a test credit card number to make this easier.

How Can You Get A Pixel On Our Site?

You must have five sales with us before we will consider adding your pixel. This is because we must manually integrate it into our code.

After you’ve gotten five sales, please let us know and we will help you setup the pixel.

*Make sure to send your Clickbank ID and the pixel you need.

What If You Haven’t Gotten Five Sales Yet?

No sweat, affiliates can add tracking information onto the Clickbank cart right now, here is a tutorial on how to do it.

Be aware that by going through Clickbank, the pixel will not appear on our confirmation page. We bypass the default Clickbank confirmation page to reduce refunds.

To get around this you can use TID tracking within Clickbank and tie the TIDs to your marketing campaigns. Using TIDs you will know which campaigns or ads are bringing in your sales.

I hope this was helpful for you, we’re here to help any way we can so please reach out if you need anything else.